Christmas card bonus with October bookings

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It’s my favorite time of year – family session time. Maybe it’s your favorite time of the year too because of the great weather, football season, or fall colors. Whatever your reason to love October, it’s also a great time to book your full family session. I encourage you to book early by offering Christmas cards with your purchase. You’ll have your annual family picture done and have Christmas cards ready and waiting to send out. You’re ahead of the game.

Full family sessions are custom designed for you at any location, your place or mine. You can include pets (and I hope you will) and I’ll take a variety of group shots including posed and casual. You’ll have plenty to choose from. Feel free to change clothes mid session too.

With any purchase you’ll get 25 Christmas cards and with any digital purchase you’ll get a digital copy of your Christmas card to print as many as you want! Past clients pay no session fee, new clients get half-priced session fees in October only. Book early so you won’t miss out.

If you need a Saturday appointment, I encourage you to call soon. I can’t wait to start planning with you!

Contact me at or call 870-814-8264.

Fall 2014 Shoot Shop



I loved the class and learned so much. I am loving taking pictures of my son playing football. Very informative class.” Diane Sowrheaver

Are you tired of being frustrated because you aren’t capturing the images you want with the camera you spent so much money on? Do you wish you knew more about your digital camera? Have you always wanted to get better at taking pictures of your kids and family?

Now is your chance. This is my fourth time to teach the Shoot Shop class and it gets better every time. I love teaching people how to use their cameras! And if you’ve always wanted to learn how to shoot in manual this is a great place to start.

I spent hours reading my manual only to get more confused when I got my first good camera. I wanted so badly to use it right but had no clue how to begin. After years of reading and practicing, I finally figured it out, but I could have learned so much faster with a hands-on class and someone to show me exactly what to do.

shoot shop fall 550

You can take great photos with your camera, too. All it takes is a little knowledge and lots of practice. I’ll show you how in a couple of hours in the comfort of my studio.

Great course! Hands on, simplified instructions that are practical enough to recall and reuse. Highly recommend this course for beginners like me.” Billie Sue Jonesbillie sue

I’d love to have you join us. The next class is October 18th. Early registration starts now and you get a discount for signing up early.

Check out my registration page for all the details. Can’t wait to see you using your camera to its full capabilities!

One thing you can do right now that will improve your iPhone camera


Love to take photos using your phone? So do I! In fact I use it more than my big camera lately. It’s always with me and super handy. Plus it takes pretty good pictures.


Your built in iPhone camera is pretty good, but one way to make it even better is to download the Camera+ app. It’s 1.99, but I use it all the time. I’ve actually hidden the iPhone’s standard camera in one my folders and moved my Camera+ app to my bottom row of most used apps. It’s what I use to take all my iPhone pictures.


Why it’s better:

1. Set both exposure & focus. Touch the screen and pinch apart your fingers (probably a technical term for that) and you can choose your focal point and exposure separately. Why is this important? If you want your focal point to be in the middle of the screen and when you focus on your subject it’s too bright, you might need to adjust the exposure by setting your camera’s meter reading to another point in the image. Just move the exposure circle around until you get the best exposure for your image.

2. Lets you use a timer. My iPhone 4 camera does not have a timer feature. I’m sure at some point they will add that or they may have already, but my Camera + app has a built in timer feature. This is great for getting you in the picture!

3. Save only what you like. The app automatically saves the photos you take to a lightbox (unless you tell it to save them all to your camera roll). That way you can go through and only save the one you want to your camera roll. I often get the “storage full” message when I attempt to take a photo with my built in iPhone camera, but for some reason it will let me use the camera + app to take pictures instead.

It also has some pretty neat editing tools that I haven’t fully explored, but you might like them.

If you love to take pictures with your phone and are always trying to improve them, give it a try. I think you’ll like it.