Addison’s senior session

senior girl wildflowers

This sweet young lady was playing in the church nursery with my oldest child in what seems like just yesterday. Time has gone by so quickly. I’ve gotten to watch her grow up in our church and what a wonderful young lady she has become. I’m honored to know her family and have them as neighbors. It was so much fun to get to take her senior pictures inside the studio that once was her great-grandfather’s store. We started inside the studio and made our way around the neighborhood, in my own backyard and at her grandparent’s old home place, in a swing her grandfather built just for her. Congratulations Addison!

senior girl studio

senior girl studio dressy

senior girl softball

senior girl outdoors

Weekend adventure at the Buffalo River


We spent the weekend with friends and family at the Buffalo River and started off Friday evening with a hike, Lost Valley Trail.


This hike started off easy, but ended up with several steep steps that wore me out (and my knees). It was still worth the hike and we enjoyed exploring around the waterfall. My daring son ran ahead the whole time and by the time I made it up the steps, had crossed the water to what looked like a steep cliff and when I finally spotted him he was hanging from the side and seemed so far and tiny I was shocked.


This was taken with my phone and I have circled my son up on the cliff and my daughter making her way over there because they are almost impossible to see. They later told me the place where they were sitting was very flat and like a big room.






buffalo river

I had planned to try a couple more hikes but we just never found the time. The next day most of our group floated the river and the rest of us found a swimming hole to play in then took afternoon naps.


My two floaters loved canoeing. I think we will be going back.

swimming hole

We stayed in a huge cabin with 10 rooms and butterfly attracting flowers in the front that occupied our small girls. They spent quite a lot of time catching butterflies.


valley sunset fog

The views were always spectacular. The fog settled in the valley Friday evening and was still there Saturday morning. This was the view from our balcony.


We enjoyed evening walks up and down the road in front of our lodge where the sunsets were always worth the walk. We had a great weekend away. So glad to be included in this great group of people!






Our neighbor had a mama duck on her pond with a clutch of eggs. One day they went out to the pond and found the mama duck dead. So, they asked us if we had a hen that might hatch the eggs. Our broody hens were delighted to do it! I have four hens who fought over the privilege to sit on those eggs. And, once they hatched, they fought over who would mother them. It was pretty funny.


We just chose one hen and separated her with the ducklings, but every day when we let the chickens out to scratch, the other 3 mamas get up close and try to do their thing too. These ducklings are learning everything they need to know about being a chicken.

baby duck-1

And a little about being a cuddle stuffed animal too.



They are super adorable right now, but with seven of them, I know they will quickly get messy. When they are big enough, we will send them back to their home on the pond. But until then, we will have all kinds of duckling fun.